A Christmas Thanks

Whew! That went quickly, didn't it? No matter how hard I try, the Christmas festivities always go too fast and before I have a second to appreciate it I'm packing for home. I was so happy to spend the holidays with my son who is loving Vancouver but I miss him terribly. I don't even want to think about Friday when I have to leave him. This next stretch is going to be tough - 6 months, but I think we've both dealt with it well and it will be ok.. Let me tell you, I am so grateful for FaceTime! 

Confession time: I love the gift-giving!! 
I love finding treasures for my family that makes them smile and I also really like opening up the presents that my hubby and son get for me. They are both so thoughtful and know me so well!! I got a whole slew of tea (when I quit coffee I moved on to high-end loose-leaf tea... I love it), candles, a gorgeous bag and lots of Pandora jewelry! 

So what do we do after we receive a gift? Well Emily Post might not suggest we send Thank You cards to everyone (children, brother, husband etc..) but if you received a gift unexpectedly or from someone outside your family you might want to send a quick thank you! 

Enter, today's card:

This was a really quick card to pull together and by keeping the card CAS it makes it versatile and unisex. I'm able to keep a couple of these handy for when I need to jot a quick note and not be worried about it being appropriate... 

I used the little snowflake from HoHoHo and stamped/embossed it onto some whitewashed blue card stock. 
It's a really subtle but tactile treat for the receiver! 

So that's all for now. Two days until I fly back to China.. 
Happy New Year! 

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