Greenhouse Society: Crocus

This month's Greenhouse Society stamp set is a stunner. 
Maybe it's just that I have a soft-spot for crocuses, but nah.. It's a beautiful stamp. 
My mom always had crocuses in her flower beds and they were a sight for sore eyes after the long, rainy winters we always had in Vancouver. 
Check it out: 

I used the no-line technique and stamped the flowers in a pale brown so the colouring would stand out more. Additionally, after I was done colouring I added shadows and light with chalk pencils to enhance the colours. 

Oh! And that butterfly? I was determined to use it. It had been taking up valuable real-estate on my desk and it needed to get coloured and go live on a card. Operation: Tobi use your stuff was a total success. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. Beautiful card!!!Love your stamp,I never colored it yet,love their stamps love flowers!!!


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