I Knitted!!!

Is it just me, or do crafters dabble in a little bit of everything? 
A few years ago I had a friend teach me how to knit but I never followed through with it... Dumb me. But anyway, I picked up my needles again, watched a few Youtube videos, and got to work!!

First, I knitted this cool multi-coloured cowl. I was proud of myself because I actually followed a pattern and knitted it on the diagonal! WOO!! 

There was a little wool leftover, so I knitted a little something for my little girl:

I used it as practice for a couple different stitches so it's not perfect, but hey! Fiona has worn it all day and she's enjoying her warm neck, hahaha!!

And just because my other pup was jealous, here's a picture of Scruffy: 

She has the prettiest mascara and eyeliner

So that's my share for today! Thanks for stopping by!! 

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