Using My Stash - a Moving Thank You

I have so many great stamps in my stash from companies still alive and well, as well as some who had to close their doors. As a crafter we always want to use the newest and shiniest things and tend to forget our old goodies. I just moved and it was a chance for me to re-evaluate my stash, especially considering I moved it all the way from Canada to China, haha... I made a conscious decision to push the old ones to the front and to use them right away. So.....

Here are my cards:

The image is from There She Goes - one of my first design teams and a company where I made a lot of great friends and was able to play with some amazing stamps! 

So now that we're all moved in I have just a few last-minute touches to do around the place, and then I'll share some photos of my new craft space! It's small, but I'm happy!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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