Sorely Miss You - FREE Cameo Cut File!

A friend and colleague is leaving us half-way through the year and I was asked to make a giant card to present to her tomorrow on our last day before Chinese New Year holiday. 

I wasn't finding the right sentiment for this occasion so I thought alright Tobi... It's time to put your hand-lettering practice to use and design a cut file. So I did! 

I drew the design in Procreate for iPad pro with the Apple Pencil, sent it to the Silhouette software, and I can't believe how well it worked!!! 

So how about a freebie?? 

Download You Will Be Sorely Missed by clicking on this link. 
(If there are any problems using this link or file, please let me know!! It's my first time!)

I designed this sentiment to be all one piece, (except for the dots on the "i") and I applied adhesive with a glue pen on the reverse side. 

If there's enough interest I can share a few more sentiments like this that I've designed!
Thank you for stopping by! 

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