Chinese New Year Cards - SRM Stickers

Nihao! Today I'm here with some custom-cut vinyl pieces for cards. Did you know it was recently Chinese New Year? Until I moved to China I had no idea how big of a deal it is... If possible, it's bigger than Christmas! The country (yes, of 1.5 billion people) literally shuts down so people can go spend time with their families and for two weeks you will be hard-pressed to find a corner store open for business... So it was no surprise to me to get a couple of requests for CNY (Chinese new year) themed cards.

When I first got the request I immediately knew I'd use red and gold, but I didn't have anything stamp or die-cut related to China or CNY. Enter in Cameo and vinyl!! 

It is really hard to show that the cuts are indeed GOLD, but you can see the gorgeous detail I got, and then since it's basically a sticker, I just adhered it to the cardstock. 

Here's another version: 

This is more traditional with the CNY lanterns. 

Lastly, this is a thank you for a Yoga teacher made with the same supplies, but just a different color-scheme. 


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