Almost forgot VSN!

VSN (virtual stamp night) is something I look forward to on SCS. It's a bunch of challenges posted every hour over two nights, and you only have 45 minutes to complete your project. My participating in it has been waning over the few VSN's because I found that I would make a card for a challenge, and it would turn out ugly or impractical. So now I just pick and choose which challenge I want to do, do it in 45 minutes, and upload before the deadline (today at 3:oo EST). Here are my projects:

Details for all of these cards can be found at my SCS gallery here.

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  1. Hey, I like your VSN cards, I did the same thing for the very same reasons, just pick and choose and forget trying to do them all! Then you're right, you end up with cards you won't use! Anyways, thanks for sharing your great cards! I'm playing catch-up. I started a new job this week so I haven't been pokin' around online much.


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