Fun with Felt!

I love felt! I hoard it, but I love it. lol. I just bought another pack of 12x12 felt shapes by Fancy Pants and I was sitting there trying to find a colour to match my card when it donned on me; USE YOUR COPIC AIRBRUSH SYSTEM AND YOU CAN MAKE THEM ANY COLOUR YOU WANT!! Don't you love "aha" moments? So I grabbed my airbrush, grabbed my camera (ofcourse) and documented my findings. Result: FABULOUS! I am appreciating more and more every day why these markers are so remarkable. (no pun intended haha...)

1)Pick a colour of felt that will either be a good base colour, OR use white. (Which is what I decided to do for my first felt shape)
2)Spray shape with the lightest colour (similar to shading) and cover shape completely.
3)Spray with a darker colour to add depth. You could keep going darker, but I only used two colours on my flower.

I adhered the felt to the patterned paper with Aleene's Tacky Glue. Do you see the brown felt shape? It was originally a baby pink colour, and I airbrushed it with a deep brown. LOVE it!

I saw someone the other day use their Scor-pal to emboss their card front (notimetostamp) and I thought it was genius! so I tried it, and it's AWESOME! (I embossed a rectangle frame around the patterned paper. Thanx for looking and visit my SCS post for supplies!

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  1. Sharon (notimetostamp)October 27, 2007 at 7:15 PM

    Love your card with felt!!! I've never used felt on a card that I can remember -- maybe i should rethink that!!! Thanks for visiting my Blog, and yes, by all means, feel free to link me! I will link you when I get home -- I'm in a motel on the slowest computer on earth!!! LOL!!! Oh, I just got my Scor-Pal this week and I love it, too!!! Can't wait to play with it some more!!!

  2. LUVIT Tobi, I even like the felt!!


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