Ribbon Storage, and a few cards..

I am *in LOVE* with my ribbon storage solution, so I thought I would share it with you.. The components used are: 1 fishing tackle box (acquired at a local hardware store) and embellishment containers by Cropper Hopper. My LSS carries them, but my Mom also picked up a butt-load of them for me from Jo-anns.. They come in a pack of 12 and are about $3 a pack. So here is my system:
Isn't it SO pretty?! And the thing I like about storing ribbon this way is the ribbon is neatly coiled, so there is no need for ironing out crinkly ribbon. I also can't afford to buy ribbon by the spool like a lot of people on SCS do, so this way I can store my measly 1-2 yards of ribbon in a practical way. There are a lot of different-sized ribbon, so I've shown you up-close how I wrap the different sizes:

The medium-sized ribbon (what most ribbons come in) are stored with a little bit of it hanging out, so when I go to use it I can just pull out the length I need and it stays in the container. The other two sizes (small and large) can be stored side-by-side with like ribbon, or on its own if it's big enough.. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Now for a couple of cards:

*visit my SCS gallery for detailed recipe. Have a great day!

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