Catchy Name Featured Stamper: ME!!!

Check this out!!! Tosh emailed me today and I had to read it a couple times to comprehend that they were featuring ME! MY NAME! Well... actually my alias that I've gone by since I started prowling the internet in 1996. These super-talented and famous ladies are in a group that does weekly challenges, and one of them is to pick a snazzy name at SCS and design a challenge around that name. I will definitely play this challenge this week since these ladies have been so kind to think of me! Play along too if you want. Here are the rules:

The instructions we were given for this challenge was that our card must have something musical on it, and the tea dying technique must be used.
Post a comment here (or here on my blog so i can see too!!) so we can see your card. If you are uploading to SCS don't forget to use the keyword CCEEC.

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  1. Hi Tobi so glad you are enjoying our challenge :) .... Congrats too on being selected for the Elzybells DT looking forward to working with you too.

  2. Congrats on being selected for elzybells DT, what fun. Glad you like our challenge.

  3. I'm so glad you are having fun with this. Your card is in the mail!! :) Thanks for such kind words too!!

  4. Wow! That's too cool! and it's quite a challenge... Can't wait to see your card!!

  5. Since 1996? Hee! You might be more addicted by now than me! Snort! Thanks for the kinds words, we sure enjoyed ourselves. My card is on its way.....
    Thanks for the mention...

    Happy Today!


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