Elzybells Design Team

The cat's out of the bag! I am on the first Elzybells design team, and I am super excited to get started with Elizabeth's adorable images! This is the REAL elzybells, not the Amuse kind (that sports her same, but SMALLER images). They are going to be so great to colour.

Here are the members of the first elzybells design team (I'll add a Blogroll asap):

Alex Eaton, UK
Angel Rivera, USA
Beverly Rousch, USA
Charlene Austin, Canada
Dawn wheeler, UK
Deborah Southard, USA
Eva Costigan, USA
Frances Byrne, Australia
Inge Groot, The Netherlands
Jeanne Streiff, USA
Katie Stilwater, USA
Kim Fee, UK
Kitty Frampton, UK
Maria Adams, UK
Michelle Short, UK
Michelle Woerner, USA
Pam Fraser, UK
Paula Williamson, USA
Rachel Hope Baird, USA
Shannan Teubner, USA
Stephanie Mayne, UK
Tobi Crawford, Canada

P.S. Stayed tuned tomorrow for the next round of Gallery Idol. I made the Top 15!!!!

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