I love Jennifer Pebbles' Blog, and she got me loving this new THING (what is it anyway??) do it once and you'll get addicted. It's called wordle, and all you do is go to the website, enter your blog address, and it will pull words from your blog and give them priority over others based on the usage on your blog. I LOVE that you can change the colors, orientation etc, but it's so cool to see the words that you blog about the most.. for ME, it's "challenge" "stamps" "ink" "paper" "supplies" and how ME is that?? Awesome...

I'm working on some blog banners/backgrounds, and hopefully I'll have some cards to post tomorrow.. for now, enjoy my wordle...

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  1. I love Wordle too! and your banner looks way cool with it!

  2. This is soo cool! What a great idea...love it!

  3. Oh this is so fun, thanks for sharing!


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