My wedding photos.. the professional ones!

Nothing craft related here, so if you wanna skip these photos, I understand. These are some of my favourite pics from the professional wedding photographer. We ended up getting over 600 shots and they are all gorgeous. I am so grateful for the memories!  
my (our) son, Phoenix...
I've already started to cry here.  
the wedding party in all it's Scottish glory
 my dear friend Jim Sparks and his Chamber Choir (these were my students last year)
 My boy and I
 this is a pretty great shot of my siblings. My brother cannot smile normally. He just can't. 

My immediate family with Ian. 

Wedding party shot

the happy couple.. they made us kiss ALL day. Yuck.. 
Our puppy Kitara.
this signals the beginning of the "bride shots." 
It made me uncomfortable to do them, but they turned out great. 

This is, by far, my fav of me like, EVER.. 

We  drove by convertible to a photo location and this was my head scarf, lol.

a cool montage of Phoenix
Martha Stewart eat your heart out.. 

 Reception area

"just married" was photoshopped in. Isn't it great??
So that's just a taste. haha.. hope you enjoyed them!

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