O Canada!


Happy Canada Day!

Teri from Technique Tuesday asked a couple of us to put a little something together for the occasion, so I pulled out my Glee and Just My Type stamp sets and I turned them into this card that pays tribute to Canada's National Anthem.



Usually I go to my parents house for a BBQ and sometimes we would do the firework thing, but they’ve since deserted us and moved to Saskatchewan… SO! Tonight we are going to my very good friend’s house for a little BBQ and a game or two of Settlers of Catan and this is the perfect card to give her as thanks!! (Otherwise it would be an odd card to have hanging around… We don’t really give out “Canada Day Cards” here in Canada!!)


I’ll leave you with a little joke:

Canada is the only nation in the world named by choosing tiles out of a Scrabble bag.

On the big day of the inauguration event, the band was playing cheery music, the Prime Minister rolled up to the red carpet in a big black limousine.

After some awards were given and some songs were sung, a drumroll. The assistant brought the Prime Minister a bag of Scrabble tiles, from which to name the new great nation.

The crowd was hushed. The Prime Minister pulled out the first tile out of the bag and told the anticipating crowd,

C eh N eh D eh...

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