Pawsitively Awesome!

Hello there, friends! As you may have noticed my posting has been sparse, and for good reason: I am on another epic road trip!!!

This trip has been especially exciting because my son has just met his biological father for the first time. His "dad" and I were very close once (obviously) but because he lives in SF Bay area and I live in Canada/China, we just never saw each other. It has gone so much better than I could have ever hoped and they are getting along so well. I hope we can visit again soon.. We are currently in the Bay area and will soon be travelling north up the Oregon coast. I am so excited!!

Anyway... If you've ever tried to craft on the road, it's harder than it seems. I have a bunch of my stuff with me, but still - I AM TIRED!!! In fact, I went to the ER today because of high blood pressure and disgusting swelling in my ankles. Thank goodness I got some pills and am feeling better, but travelling is HARD!

So needless to say, I haven't done all of the crafting I set out to do, but I've made some things, lol...
Take a look at this card I made for this week's Tiddy Inks Challenge:

I only brought 50 Copic markers with me so my colours are somewhat limited, but I really love this image so it was fun. I want all of my colours to bump it up a notch, but really, she's a cutie regardless!!

I've got a couple more projects up my sleeve so I will see you again soon! 

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