Chalk Paint Coffee Table

Hi there! The blog has been slow lately because the husband and I just got back from an amazing trip to Rome. What a fantastic city - I must have said "WOW" a thousand times. The amount of priceless treasures and buildings/sculptures that adorn the city is just too much to handle sometimes. We definitely suffered from historical overload some days... 

But now I'm back in Shanghai taking it easy for the rest of the New Years holiday (3 weeks!!) and that means spring cleaning... Last year we did some work around the house to spruce it up, and this year I wanted to do the same. So we bought a new refrigerator (almost normal size) and I chalk painted our coffee table. 

Here it is. It's from Ikea and actually I think it's pretty great. I just wanted to customize it a little bit! 

These are the colours I used. I put a pretty thick layer of Emile (purple) on first with touches of Provence, then let that dry. Then I watered down Old White and did a wash on top. 

I used two waxes. The Dorland's wax was an all-over application, and the Americana Decor creme wax was just around the edges for a bit of antiquing. 

All finished! And I think the girls like it too!! 

I love that you can see the purple and turquoise peeking through... I'm so happy with it! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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