Friendship Galaxy Card

Hi there! 
Living close to my friends most of my life I sometimes took their friendship for granted, but now that I live in China I really miss them. It's harder to keep in touch and we actually have to work to stay in touch. That's when being a cardmaker comes in handy... 

Here's my card: 

Now I know I don't live in Sydney, but I think the sentiment says it all! 

The galaxy background look is very popular right now, and I thought I would try MY version... This is simply black watercolour paint on top of a PanPastel background. You can see the yellow/green/blue peeking through and of course, the white splatters completed the look. 

And of course, a simple bow made with Solid Charcoal Twine is the perfect way to finish the card. 

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  1. Gorgeous card, Tobi! Love that background and also how you added the twine lenght ways, Jo x


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