Shanghai Nights

Living abroad sucks sometimes.. 
I am lonely for my friends and family.. 
Especially my son who is finishing off middle-school in Canada.. 

I sent my loved-ones postcards from Rome (I hope they get them soon) and I was really excited to come back home and make this card (I got the stamps right before I left!): 

It's my city!! It's Shanghai! I am so thankful that Altenew chose Shanghai of all the cities they had to choose from when thinking of cities abroad! 

In colouring this I thought of that orange glow a lot of cities have at night and went from there.
Courtesy of
 I watched K Werner's video on creating a galaxy a while ago and wanted to try something similar. I definitely added a lot more orange back to the skyline after adding the black paint.


Stamps: Altenew Sketch Cities Abroad
Watercolor Paper, Bazzill Cardshoppe Cardstock


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  1. This is awesome, Tobi! I can't imagine being away from Canada —and your son!!! — for so long.


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