Suspension Card Tutorial

I saw a discussion on one of SCS's forums the other day about the suspension card, and the fact that there were no tutorials on it, so as I was trying this card out I made one. Hope it's helpful to someone! I will teach this card in an upcoming class at Precious Memories, so I'm glad I have the planning done ahead of time! hahaha..

Materials needed: Two punches close together in size ( I used Mega - pink- and super jumbo - blue- oval punches from Marvy); temporary adhesive; double sided tape; twine, ribbon, string etc; scissors; and any stamps, ink, and accessories you want. I chose to make a 3.5x3.5 card for this tutorial.

1. Make card to desired size and attach card front with temporary adhesive.

2. Punch out shape with larger of the two punches, in my case the mega oval.

3. Peel off the card front, and attach your string to the back of the card with double-sided tape. Make sure string is taught. Peel off red tape and re-attach card front to card.

4. Punch two ovals with the smaller punch (super jumbo) and stamp. I used the same image, but by all means do whatever you wish! Colour accordingly, and cover the back of one of the images with double-sided tape.

5. Peel off the red backing and adhere to the backside of the twine. Attach the other oval, being careful to line them up perfectly, and press firmly together. You're done!

6. Decorate accordingly. When you place the card in the envelope, spin the image around a couple times so when your recipient opens the card it spins around! YAY!

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