Eek! A tutorial!

Here's a quick tutorial on how to draw your own spider webs. I usually don't like to purchase Hallowe'en stamps because I don't customarily give out cards for the occasion, but I own some a bunch, but one stamp I've never purchased is a spider web. I've seen a few, but I never know what size I will need, so I just draw my own.. Here's how I do it.

I used a Quickie Glue Pen and Glitter Ritz glitter in Black.

Step 1) Draw a tiny circle, and some lines coming out of it.

2) Draw arcs in between every line. Don't worry about symmetry. It will all work out!
3) Repeat and serve! Just kidding.. repeat until you think it looks good! ;)
4) Because I used a glue pen, I'll add glitter, and I'm done, but if you use a pen, step three is your last step! So douse the drawing with glitter:

And NOW you can serve! Serve up a stunning card or project, that is! Here's a couple examples of how I used this technique:

Have fun, and show me your projects too!!

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