Moving tip #16 and BLOG CANDY!

Something I have to keep in mind CONSTANTLY when I'm around bubble wrap.. What IS it with that stuff? It's addicting. ANYWAY...

I'm moving. Houses, not blogs... I mentioned in a post or two that I have purchased my first home, and I am moving into it on October 4th. (World Card Making Day... What a bummer!) It's going to be okay because my fiance and I have packed up most of our belongings in effort to sell the condo my parents own that I now inhabit.

Blog Candy: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some moving tips. I hate moving and am not really good at the packing/unpacking thing, so tips that have helped you in the past to make your moving life easier would certainly help!!! I'll leave the contest open for one week. Please know that upon picking a winner, I will get your blog candy out AFTER i move.. I hope you understand. ;)

And my posts will be sporatic over the next couple weeks, but I hope to get SOME creating done. Thanx!!

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