Casing JulieHRR: a Tutorial

It was a process, I tell you. Stamp-a-ma-Jig to the rescue, that's for sure. I'll give you a play-by-play in case you don't know the joys of the SAMJ.

I started off thinking, this will be easy to stamp a pattern, i won't need the SAMJ. I'll just hold the stamp straight. Nuh-uh.. not happening..

This is the background about half way through. 

Here's what the stamp looks like. It's called "Madiera" by Amuse.
Stamp the image on the clear-ish image sheet by aligning the SAMJ along the side of the clear sheet and stamping in the corner of the block.

Place the image on your paper where you want to stamp.
Align the purple SAMJ along the left side of the image sheet.

Take the image sheet away, ink your stamp, then place your stamp in the corner of the SAMJ. Voila!
And here's my card, a case of JulieHRR's card found here. Again, I used my SLICE. Love that thing!

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