There was a thread on splitcoast I was talking in that centred around storage of nestabilities. I saw this idea on the web somewhere, and stole it!!! It was kind of frustrating to put it together, and more expensive than I'd bargained, but I love having my dies out in the open so I can just walk over to the wall with my image I want to cut out and hold it up against all of my choices..  You can see I don't have a lot of nesties, but I am happy with my collection, and don't often find myself wishing for a different shape. Materials:

Bulleting Board. (It cost me about $35!!!) like this one

Magnetic Sheets (about $15)  like these

I used Zip Dry adhesive to glue the sheets to the dry erase board, and voila!

The second thing I want to show you is my CD rack I use to hold many of my unmounted and clear sets. I have two binders full of stamps, but I would love to move all of them to this kind of storage because I'm really liking, again, SEEING my stamps. I use things more when I can see them..

The rack is from Ikea. In Canada it's $16.99... Find it here. It hold 35 cds.. My problem right now is I don't have a lot of empty jewel cases.. That's what I need to buy when I go out next!!

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  1. warnI love your idea for storing your clear stamps....that is brilliant!!! As far as jewel cases goes, you should ask Josh to bring you some, as that's what his dad sells (they're about 30¢ each).

  2. Love all of these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Love the spellbinders on the wall!
    Where did you get the bulletin board and magnetic sheets? And how much did it come to?
    Thanks fo r all you do. Looking forward to the Elzybell peeks tomorrow!
    PS I hope you are feeling better since your surgery!

  4. Before I started crafting (and using unmounted stamps) I had loads and loads of jewel cases, I mean like 50, but I got rid of them, now I could kick myself. Great suggestion!


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