There was a thread on splitcoast I was talking in that centred around storage of nestabilities. I saw this idea on the web somewhere, and stole it!!! It was kind of frustrating to put it together, and more expensive than I'd bargained, but I love having my dies out in the open so I can just walk over to the wall with my image I want to cut out and hold it up against all of my choices..  You can see I don't have a lot of nesties, but I am happy with my collection, and don't often find myself wishing for a different shape. Materials:

Bulleting Board. (It cost me about $35!!!) like this one

Magnetic Sheets (about $15)  like these

I used Zip Dry adhesive to glue the sheets to the dry erase board, and voila!

The second thing I want to show you is my CD rack I use to hold many of my unmounted and clear sets. I have two binders full of stamps, but I would love to move all of them to this kind of storage because I'm really liking, again, SEEING my stamps. I use things more when I can see them..

The rack is from Ikea. In Canada it's $16.99... Find it here. It hold 35 cds.. My problem right now is I don't have a lot of empty jewel cases.. That's what I need to buy when I go out next!!

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