My Copic classes

I love Copic Markers
I love teaching about Copic markers because inevitably I will get at least a few "Ooooo's" and "Ahhhhh's."
I love that at the end of a class I can say things like "grab three markers in a series and colour in this image with shading around the perimeter" and they know what I mean. 
I love that the class members leave confident in their new-found colouring skills and that I've helped to shed a little light on the whole Copic marker mystery.
I love that after all my years of thinking I SUCK at art, that I've found something I'm good at and that I can share my skill with other people. 
These are the images we practiced colouring in. Each image I concentrated on a different skill (using the blender, shading, highlighting etc. And the best thing was that at the end of the class they could go home, cut out the image and slap it on a card. 

Here's a class member expertly colouring in an image after never having STAMPED or colored with Copics before. She didn't even know what they were, really.. How cool is that? 
Don't you love this sight? Hundreds of copics spread out over the tables.. Ladies laughing and talking and colouring together. 
It's a great thing our hobby, isn't it?

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