Merry Christmas!

This is a Christmas of new traditions for our little family. We are departing from the usual Christmas dinner with my family and opting for a less stressful, less "DRAMA" -filled holiday that includes activities we have all opted to do, including:
  • Ice skating on Christmas Eve (we did that today and it was GREAT!)
  • Dinner with Ian's family on Christmas Eve
  • Uncle Ryan sleeping over and opening presents with us
  • Going to the movies (we're thinking Avatar) after presents and breakfast
  • A small Christmas dinner that includes the following:
    • Turkey BREAST (I brined it... yummy!)
    • Mashed Potatoes (with cream cheese)
    • Broccolini with a smoked gouda cheese sauce
    • Kraft dinner (Phoenix's choice!!!)
    • Apple Crisp and Ice Cream for dessert
  •  Go to Uncle Marks after dinner for some good hangin' out
And that's it for this year! I am so excited to not have the stress of my family weigh heavily on my heart. It's time I make my holidays the best they can be, and I truly think this will be the best Christmas yet!

Thankyou dear blog readers for a wonderful year. I have really enjoyed this past year of creating and blogging about the many changes in my life this past year. On New Years I am preparing a post of my top 10 favourite cards from 2009.. If there are any particular cards that were your favourite I would love to hear from you! I would love to send one contributor an RAK (I don't send enough happy mail...) for your trouble..

So Merry Christmas to you all. I wish you all a happy, peaceful, and FUN Christmas day!


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  1. I would have to say that my favorite card that you made this year is the cat in the tea cup with the christmas hat it is absolutely adorable (i love anything that has to do with cats)
    the last card you did with the pickup truck is also amazing...i'd say it's my second favorite.
    Hope you all have a merry christmas and I love your idea about the bath stuff for christmas very unique, wish I was as talented as you.

  2. Tobi, my favorite card(s) were from the Dec. 7th post. There was something about the design and flocking and black, brown and yellow papers. It all worked for me!
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us.

  3. What is up with not many comments?
    Doesn't everybody start their day reading your blog like me?
    I read you ,kwerner, and pioneer woman almost everyday.
    Anyways,my favorite card goes way back to last Jan. The elzybells valentine bear.
    I just like bears.
    Thanks for having a blog, i do enjoy it!

  4. hey Danell!! no, i don't think many people read my blog.. ESPECIALLY on christmas day! haha.. I wasn't expecting too many comments, just a "hello" from someone who DID have a fav!
    I really appreciate your comments and your support, though! Merry Christmas!


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