A Couple of cards and an announcement!

These are a couple of cards I made today for SCS's color challenge: Banana, Grey, and Rust.. Weird, eh? This is what I came up with:

 LOTS of Copic colouring on the Mushroom house! Ain't it cute??

And now for the news!
For the past 2.5, almost 3 years I have taught classes at my LSS Precious Memories, but recently decided to take my show on the road! For the next two months I am teaching Copic colouring at Clipper Street in Langley in hopes of reaching some Clipper customers I may not have met yet, and help people to delve into the addictive world of Copic!! *evil laugh* If you've taken my classes that I designed at PM the classes will be similar at Clipper, but if you haven't taken a beginner class or need a refresher, COME ON OUT!! The classes are 2.5 hours, you'll colour a whole sheet of images to use later, make a card, and hey, you get 3 markers to take home!!

This is a sample of what you will do! I try to cover my favourite and most-used techniques in the class, and will help you "get" the whole Copic thang.... So SIGN UP HERE (they have on-line registration) and I hope to see a couple of your faces there!

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  1. I saw that on Clippers website and I thought it was you. Hopefully they're treating you good there. I worked for them for about 8 months last year and it was good but now it's new people that own it so not sure how they're doing things now.

    Good luck, maybe i'll see you there.

  2. I just received 16 copic markers for Christmas and haven't used them yet, your class may be the perfect thing!
    Looking into it for sure.



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