A year of cards and a year in review!

This has been quite the year. It will probably be one of the most
EXPENSIVE years of my life, but hey, this is what happened:
  • Had my first surgery: gall bladder removal. Not fun! 
  • Completed a very successful first year at my new school as music director
  • Bought my first new car, a Mazda 3 Sport (fully loaded!)
  • Got married
  • Went on a month-long honeymoon across Canada and the US
  • Started my second year at school with a 300% increase in choral students! YAY!
So all-in-all, a great year!! I have had more time and have MADE
more time for blogging and crafting, and I just compared my post numbers for '08 and '09, and for
many months I have DOUBLED the amount of posting I did. (May 2008 I had ONE post! Yikes)
And I pretty much blog everything I make, so that tells me I wasn't creating
much in 2008 but really turned it around this year!

Here are my favourite cards from 2009:





May (this is one of my all-time fav's!)

June. This is one layout from a scrapbook I made for my SIL.


August (and this was made on my honeymoon in a hotel by the Mall of America!)




and finally: December!! Phew!

Thank you for the year of inspiration, support, and kind words!
I wish you all a very Happy New Year, and I'll
see you in 2010!!!

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