Weekend Crafting.

This weekend I was able to play along with a couple
of challenges and add more Valentines to my growing stash. I hope to have
around 40-50 to sell in the next few weeks.

Here's a couple from an inspiration challenge at SCS.

The "Thanks" card is something I made for my brother in under 10 minutes from beginning to end!
I gave it to him and he said "You made this from SCRATCH??" Yes Ryan... Yes I did. lol

The second project is the beginnings of a Valentines Day gift for my hubby. I'm working on it
right now and will share the finished project when I'm done. It's looking great!

The other thing I made this weekend was this quilty card:

Ian didn't like it much, but who cares! Someone will like it. It took a while to make
because there was the cutting of the little squares, the gluing of the little squares,
the cutting of the heart with nestabilities, the sewing of the heart... It was a labour of
love! hahaha... pun intended.

Hope you had a great weekend! Back to the grind tomorrow!

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