Get well Mom!

I made this card for my mom.

It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but I was nervous about it
and my mojo was gone-o.

Why did I need a get well card for my Mom? She had a tumor on her brain
and ear-canal and it was removed last week.

What makes me so mad is that she waited WAY over a year for this stupid surgery
and in the time that elapsed the tumor took over her left ear and
it took her hearing. The tumor pressed against her brain, but
wasn't growing on/into it, so that was a good thing amongst many bad things.

Something that made me happy, though, was we were talking about the check-out
procedure where the doctor will give her the final check-up,
prescribe some medications,
book a follow-up appointment and that's it.

I said, "Just imagine if we lived in the states... The doctor would give you a
bill for everything you just went through." (My parents are recently retired
from self-employment and don't have medical beyond the medical that is provided to
them via our extremely high taxes)

She is good now. Doesn't have much balance. Foods taste different.
She quit smoking while in the hospital. The tumor is gone!

Supplies: Stamp: Magnolia: Papers: Neenah, Scenic Route; Making Memories pin and flower; Kaiser rub-on; Copic Markers.

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  1. beautiful! as usual...

    Best wishes to your Mom for a fast recovery and to those assisting her along the way. As a fellow Canadian I do love the fact that a bill wasn't given to her, but I hate the fact that she had to wait more than a year surgery.

    God bless you and yours,

  2. Best wishes to your mom and you through her recovery!! And the card is beautiful and I'm sure it will put a smile on your mom's face!!

  3. Geez Tobi, its amazing how you have been creating cards and keeping up your blog with all that is going on with your Mom. Card making is your release I guess.
    Best wishes to your Mom. Yes, our Canadian health system (such as it is) is way better than some countries.
    One cute card by the way!

  4. Very cute card!!!!!, and all the best to your mom for a speedy recovery.

  5. So glad the tumour is gone!

    I love the card!


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