Scrap paper organizer extraordinaire!

That's me!! Well... Not really, but as the years go by and as the scrap paper grows I am constantly adapting how I do things around here. Previous to this organization I had my papers in a rubbermaid tub and had them loosely organized by colour in rainbow order (Roy G. Biv hahaha) and it looked like this:

It was alright. The problems I ran into were: I forgot what I had, I didn't go to the tub as often because I couldn't SEE everything, and after a while I got lazy and didn't file them EXACTLY where they were supposed to go (aka I just threw it all in the front).

So! What did I do? Well I've seen a couple forums on Splitcoast about cutting paper down to usable pieces right away if you know you're going to use it for cards.. Well, I occasionally scrapbook so I don't cut my papers right away, but once they're in the scrap bin? I probably won't use it on a layout. So I thought, what the hay! I'm gonna cut down all my patterned paper scraps and this is what I got:

A HUGE stack of 6x6.. (Kinda like fat quarters eh?)

A medium size stack of 5.5x4.25 (A2)

and a fairly large stack of random widths, but all are 6 inches high.

I have already used some of my scraps and I think having them pre-cut, organized and readily available will be a nice improvement over the old system. And just so you know I have my slice on my desktop with its
little holder and I am storing my "fat quaters" in there! Right beside me.. Within  6 inches of my hands.... Where I can just grab them without a thought.

Do you want some of my "fat quarters?" (6x6)

Let me know what your ingenius system is
for organizing your scraps and I'll draw a random winner! 
And trust me... I have some pretty sweet scraps!  
I will draw a name on Friday, January 15th.  

Take Care and happy organizing!  

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