Scrap paper organizer extraordinaire!

That's me!! Well... Not really, but as the years go by and as the scrap paper grows I am constantly adapting how I do things around here. Previous to this organization I had my papers in a rubbermaid tub and had them loosely organized by colour in rainbow order (Roy G. Biv hahaha) and it looked like this:

It was alright. The problems I ran into were: I forgot what I had, I didn't go to the tub as often because I couldn't SEE everything, and after a while I got lazy and didn't file them EXACTLY where they were supposed to go (aka I just threw it all in the front).

So! What did I do? Well I've seen a couple forums on Splitcoast about cutting paper down to usable pieces right away if you know you're going to use it for cards.. Well, I occasionally scrapbook so I don't cut my papers right away, but once they're in the scrap bin? I probably won't use it on a layout. So I thought, what the hay! I'm gonna cut down all my patterned paper scraps and this is what I got:

A HUGE stack of 6x6.. (Kinda like fat quarters eh?)

A medium size stack of 5.5x4.25 (A2)

and a fairly large stack of random widths, but all are 6 inches high.

I have already used some of my scraps and I think having them pre-cut, organized and readily available will be a nice improvement over the old system. And just so you know I have my slice on my desktop with its
little holder and I am storing my "fat quaters" in there! Right beside me.. Within  6 inches of my hands.... Where I can just grab them without a thought.

Do you want some of my "fat quarters?" (6x6)

Let me know what your ingenius system is
for organizing your scraps and I'll draw a random winner! 
And trust me... I have some pretty sweet scraps!  
I will draw a name on Friday, January 15th.  

Take Care and happy organizing!  

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  1. Well it's not really an organizational method but I've got mine "organized" by theme in those hard plastic 12x12 boxes OR plastic bags from scrapbooking store when i purchased some paper . So for example valentines, christmas, halloween etc etc OR by a particular line so I know all the pages match THEN for my scraps I have a big accordian folder and labeled it solid colors and pattered colors and divy them up in there. Not the best method I'll admit because you don't see them unless you go looking but for my limited space it's ok. I like the idea of cutting them up, so maybe that'll be my next project.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I save my scraps in "fat quarters" too :-). I use IKEA boxes for most of my supplies and my 6x6 papers fit right in the CD-sized one. They are too tall to put the lid on, but I'd rather it be open anyway so I can flip through the papers (like one of those old school library card files...). As a bonus, the box doubles as a bookend for my 12x12 paper assortment!

  3. My scraps are organized by color (all sizes). I'm trying to make a better effort to reduce them that I did in the past. It's gonna take awhile, though!

  4. What an awesome idea, I'm going to spend some time doing this as my scraps are just organised by theme and not at all east to grab and use!

    Thanks for the inspiration, and a chance to win x Laura x

  5. Fat quarters..that's a fabbie organizational system? I load all my scraps in one of the hugest zip lock baggies made {they are for sweaters or something crazy like that...} and when the bag gets unbearably full I give it to my friend...LOL...seriously but this fat quarters idea is excellent...I'm going to give that a try...thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I have all my paper in a cropper hopper box in lil file holders that came with it. I have them organised by holiday, flowers, seasons, celebrations, etc. and then I have all my colored cardstock organized by color and all my scraps are in a basket organised by color and sometimes design.

  7. Wow! Now that is inspiring! My scraps are all "organized" in one large carboard box labelled scraps. But now you have inspired me to cut them all into usuable sizes!!

  8. Currently I have them all filed away in folders by theme or color. Like you though I find I forget about what I have, I need a better system but I have yet to come up with it. It is one of the projects on my list for this month.


  9. I have been keeping two boxes of scraps. One designated for patterned paper and one for plain card stock.
    You look like you have some sweet scraps, I'd be honoured to give them a home!
    Thanks Tobi.

  10. I have been keeping my scraps with their matching papers, but then can't always find them in my piles. Tried putting some in an accordian holder, but never go to them.
    I bought some clear 8 1/2X11 holders that are 1/2 an inch thick thinking that I would keep coordinating papers in them for the times I need to quickly make a card, but not sure that is going to work.
    I like your idea and may give that a try.
    I am going to give your idea a try

  11. I use Rubbermate containers, and just toss them into the container as I use the papers.Sadly that is as organizational as I have gotten so far with my scraps, but do you know what?? It works for me :)!

    Inky Hugs,

  12. I love your stacks of cut paper! As a quilter it did totally remind me of all the precuts, like the fats and the charm packs and stuff. Yum!

    I have hanging file folders. I put cardstock by color in there and pattern paper by design... sorta. I only have these categories:
    geometric (this one tends to be a catchall)

    Then I put the scraps in there.

    I'm weird about size, they have to be pretty big to save them for me, UNLESS I really really love a pattern. then i'll save it and try to use it till it's gone. I have some that are just a sliver, but of awesome patterns so I keep them.

    I'm SURE you have super rad "fat quarters" and if I win them I will give them a very loving home. :)

  13. I keep my CS & patterned paper scraps in an accordion file folder...which I don't find works well for me. :)

    I love your idea Tobi :)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. that is a neat idea....right now I just put all my scraps together in a container and hope that when I want to find what I need, I can. I honestly have to say that your idea is brilliant and I think I might give it a try, especially since I like to keep all scraps...this would make it so much easier if I wanted a certain would all be pre cut and I wouldn't have to worry about trimming off the part I don't kind of reminds me of quilting with having the squares already pre cut and on hand.....thank you for the opportunity to win some of your paper :)

  15. I don't really have an ingenious system. I have some storage cubes from Michaels and my paper goes in the slots, according to color.
    This is an acceptable system for me mainly because I use a ridiculously small amount of patterned paper.
    If I used more PP in my cardmaking, I would adopt a 'color per box' sort of system.