On being prolific...

I was very prolific this weekend.

I will share my results:


I have goals of using my scraps of cardstock base. Tiny cards are cute. Period. I played along with the Clean and Simple Challenge. I made the dots with a sponge dauber, purple ink, and embossing powder. Cute huh?? This card is LITTLE... I'll show you:

(Coke Zero. My second fav. beverage next to Lattes)

Here is another scrap of card base that ended up being kind of a nice card!

I have had the "Around the Block" patterned paper for a few years and just
decided to cut it all up!! I'm gonna use it this way! Here's another card with the paper:

And yep, another oddly sized base.

Lastly (for I made a lot of other cards, but I cannot share at this time) is
a use for some of those thin strips of scrap that may be hanging around your table
as well as some more card base scraps..

Sentiment by Elzybells. I was thinking this would be perfect for little notes
to Phoenix's teacher. She is always so thoughtful to write special
notes about Phoenix's behavior every couple days. She really goes above
and beyond and this would be just a little thank you for her courtesy!

I sure hope my prolificness (not a word, I know, but whatever) has
inspired you! Let's all say "Be gone darn scraps!!!"

*I just looked it up and "prolificness" IS a word! lol... Looks like I'm smart too!!! 

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