The Olympics

There are SO many reasons to be proud today:
  1. I am Canadian
  2. I am a Vancouverite
  4. We capured the most gold medals EVER in the winter games (14)
  5. We had a great Olympics and I was so happy to be in Vancouver and play a small little part in the celebrations:

This is me and my high school Vocal Jazz Choir performing at one of the Olympic stages
in Vancouver. They sang really well and it was great to spend the
day amongst all of the action downtown. Great memories were forged that day.

It looks like Canada threw up on him, but Phoenix was not alone! Everyone in Vancouver
wore similar outfits bursting with national pride!!

This was us watching the gold medal hockey game today. Pretty exciting stuff!!
After the game you could hear the cars outside honking their horns for over two hours!!
We went to get groceries shortly after the game
and there were people on the sidewalks in head-to-toe Canada gear waving flags
and cheering!


P.S.... i did a little crafting this weekend too and I'll be posting those efforts tomorrow.

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