Easter Christmas Tree

HUH? Easter Christmas Tree what??? 

So I decorated a foam flower mold for Easter... Is that a crime?? 
This project was featured on the SRM blog the other day so I thought I would
share it with you guys!

I used Making Memories paper, chipboard and brads (I think the collection is 2 years old...) 
and this set of stickers: 

I just started throwing stuff on the tree, covering chipboard with stickers...

added a little glitter....

until my tree was full! 

Ian asked what it was for and I really had no response except:
"Uh... to put out and look at... at Easter time...."

So it's not functional.. Who cares!
The card I made to match is functional, though:

So am I totally crazy or what??? 

Happy Easter-time! 

(I'm gonna go put my Easter tree out now....)

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  1. i love the easter tree. It looks so cute!! It makes me want to go out and try!! I love the inspiration. I think you should put it out on display for everyone to enjoy!!

  2. Wow...this Easter Christmas Tree looks awesome. I have never seen anything like it. Where can I buy this and at what cost?

  3. Hampers...

    I bought the foam tree shape from Michaels for about $6 CA. The base is a terra cotta flower pot, and the rest was decorated by me! (papers, stickers, chipboard etc...)


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