Why do I love trends?
I have always been a trend-follower, even if it doesn't always show. 
I'm not the most fashionable person, (although I don't think 
I would EVER be nominated for "What Not to Wear!") 
but I do love clothes and bags and shoes and ofcourse:
I am NOT one of those people that goes to scrapbook
garage sales looking for old papers and embellishments, I love
using fresh, new, exciting product, and banners are
no exception!

Why did banners become a trend? Who decided that? I have NO idea
who did, but I like it! This is a Silhouette cut I downloaded the other day.
I have to say that since Silhouette became it's own company last year 
their cuts have improved 10-fold! 
SO many trendy images to choose from. 

I toiled over this card. I wanted a sun for the corner and ransacked my 
entire stash to find I have no suns, so I added the button.. 
Then the bottom was plain..
I couldn't figure out what to do on the bottom,
then I spied some green CS.. 
I don't have those special scissors that cut grass, 
but I just did it by hand:

I think it turned out pretty darn good! Since this was a birthday card I 
added a "make a wish" SRM sentiment along the bottom, 
and it was done. 

Toiling over. 

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  1. Love the banner!!! Everything about the card is so cute!!!

  2. Having fun on the blog hop, great creating


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