My brother the painter....

My brother hasn't had a "job" in a while,
but he's one of those people that have many talents and 
work just falls in his lap.. For years at a time.. lol 
During the Olympics he got a job doing
security and playing trombone with the
Army band at a couple different events. 
He plays BASS trombone, which is kind of a
niche instrument, and along with playing with the
15th Field Artillery Band, he plays with other local concert
and jazz bands regularly.. 
He got a job moving office furniture on some weekends
that pay him a lot of money, especially on holiday weekends!

He's a barista and latte artist so he will occasionally
get calls from coffee shop owners to come out and work.. 

ANOTHER job that he does with some regularity (and
the point of this rambling post) is 
painting interiors of houses.. and sometimes exteriors.. 
He asked me to make some Thank you cards for some of 
his paint clients, and this is what I threw together: 

I airbrushed the clouds, and coloured the houses with Copic
markers. The house stamps are an older October Afternoon
set that really come in handy. 
SRM Stickers saved the day again with
sleek and stylish sentiments, perfect for these
little cards! 

That's all for now! Have a lovely weekend! 

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