Copic Tutorial: Leaf Girl Kiddo

Hi there! Today I'm celebrating my favourite time of year: AUTUMN, and my absolute fav thing is watching the leaves turn from green to orange, red, yellow and all the shades in between. I think it's a fun challenge to colour turning leaves with Copic markers. There are many different combos you could play around with, but today I went with the green/orange combo. Check it out:

I coloured Leaf Girl Kiddo with Copics and left the leaves 'till last.  

As you can see here, I started with the greens then went to orange. 
Just a little tip: if you're combining two colours that don't really go together (green and orange, for example), they should be a light marker. Dark markers will just push against each other and will be stubborn - but light markers will blend nicely! 

So once I added the dark orange on the tips of the leaves I had to blend it out a little with the light orange. 

All done!
Pretty fun, right?! Thanks for joining me today! 

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