Christmas Smash Journal

I haven't been very at filling it yet, but I bought a Christmas Smash Journal to record memories from this year's Christmas happenings. My family and I are flying to my parents place for the holidays, so hopefully we'll create some exciting memories for me to share! 

I was drawn to the album because a lot of the pages were really beautiful and really "on-trend" (I hate that term, but it was appropriate) but I just needed to add a few personal touches.. 

This is one of the first pages. It's supposed to be for Black Friday, but 1) we don't have that in Canada, and 2) I'm not going to journal about Black Friday. 

I added some stamps (from Annabelle Stamp's Merry Messages) to personalize: 

Then I journalled: 

This page was really cute to start with: 

But I added a little heading: 

Have a great day!! 

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