Topical Tuesday: Chalkboard Ornaments

Hi there,I'm here with a fun kid-friendly Topical Tuesday for Annabelle Stamps!
I bought a package of plain, clear Christmas ornaments knowing I wanted to decorate them somehow, so really this was all just playing around... 

First, we painted our ornaments with Black Gesso. Yes, there's BLACK gesso! It dries matte so I figured it would look just like chalkboard paint (because I didn't have any...). 

Next, using a few stamps from Holly Jolly Christmas, I stamped in white pigment ink onto the ornament. Hint: don't mount the stamps on anything. Use your fingers to help the stamp hug the curves of the ornament. 

So when all was said and done, I liked the clean-and-simple look of the black and white (with a touch of red) better than my attempt at colour: 

I still have a few ornaments left to decorate, I wonder what I'll do with them??!! 

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed my post today!

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