Late-Night Stamping...

It's 12:20 am right now, and I actually feel GREAT! Who else likes to stamp late into the night? I guess I like it because I know all of the chores are done for the day (or it's too late to do them now.. "DARN.. the vacuum would wake up my son.. oh well...") I usually stick a "Friends" or "Sex in the City" DVD in and stamp the night away...

This is a set of VERY high quality stamps by October Afternoon.. Think Technique Tuesday or Papertreyink quality (they even have the same smell).. I airbrushed the background (cloud tutorial coming soon) and after stamping and colouring the fence and house images, I stamped the clouds. I was going to colour/shade the clouds, but then, do you ever forget you have products? Well, I don't think I've used my liquid applique for at least 6 months and suddenly remembered it would look PERFECT for clouds.. like, DUH.. anyway.. I hope you like this card. It was for the featured stamper challenge. Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Very cute! And I am also a late night stamper. Most times I don't head to the basement until 11pm. I don't have kids but the vacuum would wake my hubby at 11pm! LOL.

  2. Wow!! Love the color and the clouds!!!

    I used to be a late nite stamper but now i'm a early dayshifter and crash by 10pm. sniff. i miss it.

  3. Great card! I know what ya mean about forgetting you have stuff, perfect use for the applique. When you use it, then it reminds us that we probably have it too, so you're really just doing a public service. LOL

    I'm a late night stamper too, but only during the summers because school's out. I do love the late night creativity, some of my favorite cards have come during the wee hours of the morning. I usually watch a movie I've seen a million times so I don't have to necessarily look at the TV.

    Thanks for sharing your late-night creation!


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