I love airbrushing

I know it's awful after the money that I spent on it, but sometimes I forget about my Copic Airbrush system. It's not the easiest thing to master, but I've got a handle on a few of the techniques and my favourite thing to do is make clouds.. If enough people let me know I'll make a tutorial (so let me know!!).

This is my first set of My Favorite Things Stamps. I don't know why I hesitated so long because they are SO NICE to colour in. The stamp is your oyster.. lol

Now... I am still brainstorming the perfect sentiment for this scene, so if you have a lightbulb moment, tell me! I was thinking
-Ewe so crazy
-Caution: Flying sheep
Anyway.. when I saw that flying sheep I knew I wanted it flying behind the girl, and she's like "What the..." and the sheep's like "YEE-HAW!!!!!!!!!"
anyway... my son and i were laughing about it...

This is similar to the other teacher card I made, but I added "music" with snap stamps and doodled some music notes..

Thanx for lookin'!

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