Cake Tasting

 Ian, my mom, my son Phoenix and I went to a cake tasting today to see what was in store for our wedding cake, and oh man.... Every little bite was heaven, and now I have yet another reason to look forward to my wedding day.
Flavors: Carrot cake with cream cheese icing, caramel cake with hazelnut buttercream, chocolate cake with plain buttercream, and plain cake with CHOCOLATE GANACHE icing. WOW....

"Who wants cake?" 
"I do!"
There are no words

All done.....

So do you wanna hear what we ordered??? Do yah??? We went with the Martha cake. I had to, what with the card I made, and my student "J" and well, ME ABSOLUTELY LOVING THIS CAKE.... We're getting the butterflies in our colours, and it's going to be three tiers instead of four.

Do you want to know what the flavors are???

Bottom tier: Chocolate cake with peppermint milk chocolate ganache filling and plain buttercream

Middle tier: Carrot cake with cream cheese filling and plain buttercream

Top tier: Caramel cake with hazelnut buttercream.


Can you tell I'm slightly excited? lol...

Bye for now!

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