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I took these pictures for a thread on SCS, but I thought I would share this info with my readers.. The question was about size. Size matters, right? Or is it how you use it? I can never remember..

The size of A*muse Elzybells, versus the real deal is what I'm talking about. Here's the evidence:

By my math the AMuse Elzybells are 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the real Elzybells. The little ones are super cute ofcourse, but I like the bigger ones because they are easier to colour (you can see how all of the details on the little ones are tiny, and the big Elzy they are more defined) and a LOT of fun to paper piece

I hope this cleared up any confusion for you all!
I'm off for a two-day vacation in Victoria, BC. I'll return with pictures on thursday!

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