"Spring" Break in Victoria BC

I put "Spring" in quotes because it sure doesn't feel or look like spring around here. We had one afternoon of sun peeking through the clouds, but that didn't dampen (haha) our spirits.. Here were some of my favourite moments:

Pictured above are various butterflies from the "Butterfly Gardens" as well as the rear view of the Legislative Buildings in Victoria.To the left is an Orchid Preying Mantis.. Pretty huh? That was at the "Bug Zoo."

oh yummy... I think I will go make one of these right now....

P.S. If you are thinking about visiting BC (if you're American your dollar would go a long way right now..) you have to go to Victoria. It's beautiful, and there's so much to see. Email me if you have any questions about BC or Victoria and I'll give you some tips, my fiance Ian lived in Victoria for 8 years so I had my own personal tour guide..

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