Happy Birthday Ian!

I don’t talk about my husband a lot, but let me just highjack my own blog for a second to say that he’s wonderful.. He is the most patient, accepting, fair, kind, loving, patient (oh I already said that) person I have ever met and I am so lucky to have him by my side.. He does things like make my lunch in the morning, folds my laundry (I HATE THAT CHORE!!!), helps me schlep my gear when I have a gig, and on Sunday he’s helping me man a table at a craft garage sale… All day… With all women..

He’s great. That’s it. And he’s turning 36 today!


I whipped up this little card for him and chose this particular stamp set because I married a trekkie. He’s not just a guy who like Star Trek, he’s a trekkie, and a lover all things sci-fi. I bought this set (called Out of This World) knowing I would get a lot of use out of it with Ian as my husband!

The background was inspired by a glass artist who’s blog is here, and she does a lot of pieces with random patterns shapes in the background, so I attempted to imitate that here with a bunch of mis-matched papers..

Thanks for stopping by!

Copics: Rocket: C00, 3, 5, 7; flame: R27, YR04, Y15; Stars: Y15; outline: T1

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