July 5th

It’s getting close to our 2-year anniversary. It feels like it’s been longer, is that bad? It’s just that we haven’t had an easy road (I didn’t expect it to be), but I thought by now my husband would have a teaching position of some sort, but he’s still on-call (a substitute teacher..) and he doesn’t work a lot. That paired with debt and moving and dealing with a son with ADHD there have been a lot of challenges thrown our way and I consider ourselves relatively successful at this marriage “thing.” So far…


Every time Ian and I hit some sort of milestone I think Oh yah, it’s our (insert memorable moment here) and that reminds me, I need to work on my wedding scrapbook. I have no idea how many photos I am supposed to scrapbook, (I have close to 600) but I only have about 10-12 layouts done and that’s not NEAR enough. I really should try to put some multiple-photo layouts together, eh?

For this layout I used some Technique Tuesday papers from their Perspectives line. They’re not your typical wedding colours, but they just so happened to coordinate beautifully with my photos.


I had a lot of fun using my Silhouette digital cutter to cut out a bunch of shapes. I also intentionally designed the layout so I could do the sewing technique you see above (a line of objects sewn down the middle).. I’ve wanted to try that for a while now.

So.. Happy Anniversary Ian! and to the rest of you:

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