Dublin days 4 and 5

So day 4 we got to play some rugby! Our girls got smashed -literally -and after this game we took three girls to the hospital... One of the three is ok, but one girl has a concussion, and one suffered two broken ribs.. It was a tough game because the girls were still pretty jet lagged, not eating properly, and as the game went on we lost all of our subs and suffered a little shot to the ego.... But it was a good game and a good challenge!

The coolest thing about that rugby game was it was nestled in this sweet little village and the cottages that were surrounding the pitch were so sweet.. Picturesque!

You guessed it, the next day we visited the Guinness brewery and it exceeded my expectations! The exhibits were beautifully done and there were some cool interactive aspects to the tour as well ( if you know what I mean.... )

Cool bottles! I wanted to steal those blue ones..

We then went to Aviva stadium.. It's a brand-new facility just for Gaelic sports.. Apparently all the kids and my hubby new what this place was but was like, "oh.... Nice...." lol. It was a good tour though!

For dinner we went to a part of Dublin called "temple bar." There were some pretty snazzy restaurants and bars in the area like the one above..

This was my last shot of Dublin. That's our bus driver, Greg. Doesn't he look like a rock star?
Now we're in Galway and so far I am in love!!!! I can't wait to show you pics. Talk to you soon!
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