Dublin, Ireland... Days 1-3

To be honest with you, I have never had to deal with that kind of sleep deprivation before... We had a particularly grueling schedule that began at midnight on Wednesday (which meant we were up all day Wednesday obviously) and ended with my head hitting the pillow at 10:00pm here in Ireland on Friday night. If you're the math-type, that was 54 hours. My poor son did not deal with it well... I couldn't get him to sleep more than a couple of hours on the bus on the very first leg of the trip, and consequently he was VERY fatigued, VERY cranky and VERY hard to deal with. I let him have an hour nap on Friday morning when we arrived in Dublin and when I attempted to wake him up for a shower (giving in to the jet lag would have been very bad for him) he pretty much hallucinated. He was talking really strangely, confused, not making sense, and I was pretty worried about him, but once Ian helped him into the shower he got a little better. We still had a full day of activities planned so we had to "power through..."

The first thing we did was have a "traditional Irish breakfast" that everyone devoured. It was just so nice to have real food...

Then, we decided to take the morning a little slow and boarded the public transit to a local mall. I was dragging Phoenix AND Ian around trying to keep everyone energized. (in case you're wondering, I used my powers of being able to nap at any time of day to my advantage - and I took a lot of gravol -and I slept on our second flight, woke up just before we arrived and jet lag was beat!!)

Look at him... He's so tired... He has been doing all of the shopping and I just have to remind him to pace himself.. We have a whole week and lots of other destinations to explore..

Tomorrow we're doing a couple of tours - including the Guinness brewery!! I promise I'll have some more scenic/pretty/historic photos for you.
Till then,

Favourite quote of the day:
"You're from Canada? Do you know Justin Bieber?"
- 10 year old girl

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