Happy St. Patrick's Day from Ireland!

Did you know that if you shorten St. Patrick's Day to St. Paddy's Day it does indeed have to be PaDDy and not PaTTy. The D comes from the Gaelic for Patrick "Padraig." So... Put that in your ale and drink it!

This picture was taken on the Aran Islands at the site called "Seven Churches." The island was riddled with ancient ruins and it was very easy to imagine was life was like in medieval times because not a lot has changed because of the isolation from the mainland. The locals all speak "Irish" (not Gaelic... Irish) and their English accents were very unique and thick! It was awesome!
This will be my last post from Ireland, sadly... Tomorrow being St. Paddy's Day we will be right in the thick of it all and later that night/early in the morning we'll be on our way back to Canada.
So... HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY and thanks for joining me!!!
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