Tag Time!

Hey there readers! I have been so busy with school and work at my LSS that I have had no time – literally – to do anything crafty except for DT and class submission type stuff.. It’s been CRAZY! How crazy you ask? In the last 5 days I’ve worked not one, but two 15 hour days. No stops, no breaks, just one job to the next. I’m not built for this kind of hard labour, I tell ya. It’s wearing me out. But it’s what I have to do right now… This too shall pass.

So just like last year I’ve designed a tag class for my LSS and I am super stoked about it. Here’s my favourite tag from the bunch:



Isn’t it a beaut’?? That pop of red from the sentiment against that gorgeous blue.. It’s gonna be a blast to teach, I tell you!

SO only a few days left of summer… I hope to catch a few rays before they go away – although there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, it’s HOT HOT HOT here right now! Take care…

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