She Took Some Time...

I was busy last week organizing and running a jazz night at my school, as well as finding out some upsetting news about my health (I have a bleeding ulcer) and I was waiting all week to sit down and paint with a good friend last night. Here's my latest mixed media canvas:

It went through a lot of different permutations (white, all-black, all green/gold) and after all my fussing I ended up with a background I absolutely love! One of my favourite elements are the hearts.

They were stamped with archival ink then I used black paint to add shading around the outside and it ended up with the colors emerging from below... So cool!

This quote is so perfect for my life right now... My ulcer is 100% stress-related and I really do need to uncomplicate my life, so doing art like this is extremely cathartic and necessary.

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